Public Documents Distribution 
      Center - Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo, Colorado

31451 United Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81009

Phone:  (719) 295-2675
Fax:  (719) 948-9724

Hours:  6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (MST)
Monday through Friday
Closed on Federal holidays

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The Pueblo Documents Distribution Center (PuDDC) a branch of the U.S. Government Printing Office, offers automated order processing and the storage and distribution of U.S. Government publications. Many Federal departments and agencies have chosen to process their orders and store documents at the Center because of its cost effective and efficient operations. Orders can be received and processed using various electronic methods. The storage of stock is controlled by an automated inventory system, bar coded processes, and inventory reports designed to meet customer needs.

PuDDC provides service to the Federal Citizen Information Center (General Services Administration) and has processed over 80,000,000 customer orders. The Center has distributed over 1 billion publications and strives for customer service and satisfaction as it's primary goal.

These services are offered to government agencies through GPO's Reimbursable Program which provides cost-effective order processing services, publication storage and distribution, and mail shopping for the best shipping rates and methods available to the customer. Additional information can be found in the Center's brochure entitled "Reimbursable Services for Federal Agencies from the Public Documents Distribution Center in Pueblo, Colorado" which can be ordered by contacting the Center during business hours.

The most important resource, however, continues to be our dedicated workforce. The management and staff continually strive to work with customers to develop work processes to meet customer needs and keep operations running efficiently. For additional information or to schedule a meeting to discuss the Center's services, contact the Manager at 719-295-2670.