Public Documents Distribution 
      Center - Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo, Colorado

31451 United Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81009

Phone:  (719) 295-2675
Fax:  (719) 948-9724

Hours:  6:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (MST)
Monday through Friday
Closed on Federal holidays

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The Pueblo Distribution Center (PDC) a branch of the U.S. Government Publishing Office, offers a warehousing and order fulfillment distribution service for a wide variety of Federal agencies and departments. The PDC delivers comprehensive distribution, warehousing, and supply chain management solutions while providing customers with the most economical shipping methods domestically and internationally. The PDC has processed over 100 million orders and distributed over 1 billion publications for Federal agencies.

The success and growth of the PDC are a result of many strengths, primarily flexibility and 'can-do' attitudes. The PDC will design a program that will meet your specific needs and deliver it at a competitive cost. Our can-do attitude means that your customer will receive the order timely, accurately, and with complete confidence making your agency look good.

The variety of services we offer include:

  • Order fulfillment and just-in-time delivery
  • Custom online web cart services
  • Quality inspection
  • Customized outreach services
  • Custom printing/mailing
  • Federal controlled secure storage
  • These services are offered to Federal agencies through GPO's Reimbursable Program. The Reimbursable Program only charges your agency for the labor, materials, shipping, and warehouse space that is necessary for your agency. Additional information can be found in the Center's brochure entitled "Reimbursable Services for Federal Agencies from the Pueblo Distribution Center in Pueblo, Colorado" which can be ordered by contacting the Center during business hours.

    For additional information or to schedule a meeting to discuss the Center's services, contact the Manager at 719-295-2670.